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Why PhysioResources?

Ask yourself the following question regarding online CEU courses that you have completed. What practical information did you retain from each course? The creators of PhysioResources asked themselves this question and arrived at the unfortunate truth that online content is easily forgotten and often lacks transferability to our patients and clients. We want to change this!

Physical therapist doing hand therapy on a patient

How Do We Do This?

Present coursework in both a more enjoyable and more engaging format.

Present the student with ideas and techniques that are novel and applicable to clinical practice.

Bolster the student’s understanding of the basic science behind clinical decision making.

Improve the ability of students to think for themselves about clinical problems rather than regurgitate facts that are presented.


Informative, easy to understand. I am feeling a bit less intimidated about hand therapy now!

Audrey M.

A nice review of physics with practical examples and applications. Thanks!


Definitely a bit different than some of the other CEU providers out there. This course kept my attention.