Hand Therapy

Addressing the Basics of Upper Extremity Diagnoses and Treatments

By PhysioResources | April 25, 2021

This course gives the student a detailed look at some of the basics of hand and upper extremity therapy and is taught at the level of new clinicians to clinicians…

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Girl standing next to a tree

The Role of Lower Extremity Dominance in Orthopedic Injury

By PhysioResources | April 10, 2019

Hand dominance, or “handedness”, are blanket terms used to describe how an individual has a tendency to develop a preferred hand / arm to perform skilled tasks. There is a…

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Man doing a workout

Physics 101 for Rehabilitation Professionals

By PhysioResources | January 12, 2019

How can I decrease my chances of falling on ice or slick surfaces? Exactly how much resistance am I using with this leg sled press? Which exercise is going to…

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Woman on an ab roller

Physics 102 for Rehabilitation Professionals

By PhysioResources | January 11, 2019

This course builds on the concepts of Physics 101. (If you already have a decent knowledge base of your introductory physics course from school, it may not be necessary to…

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