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for physical therapy and wellness education.

Why PhysioResources?

Most of us who have taken online continuing education courses will agree that they are often a bit, shall we say, dry and uninspiring? We have found that it is difficult as a student to retain information when it is presented in the format of an instructor simply talking to a camera and referencing PowerPoint presentations.

Physical therapist doing hand therapy on a patient

Our Difference

Present coursework in both a more enjoyable and more engaging format.

Present the student with ideas and techniques that are novel and applicable to clinical practice.

Bolster the student’s understanding of the basic science behind clinical decision making.

Improve the ability of students to think for themselves about clinical problems rather than regurgitate facts that are presented.


Dan and his team are talented, friendly, smart, funny, and accommodating...concluding my physical therapy was bittersweet since it became one of my weekly highlights.

Cait B.
Washington, DC

Look no further. There isn't a better group for physical therapy. It's everything you want: REAL therapy, they are FUN and engaged the entire time, they are true experts, and they really care.

Guy C.
Washington DC

Dan is warm, attentive, encouraging, and extremely smart...I ask a lot of questions. Dan always encouraged my questions and gave me thoughtful, helpful answers.

Emily N.
Alexandria, VA